Sales Quarterbacks Solution

Building a high performing Sales Team involves:

  • Hiring the right talent
  • Creating a structure and a sales culture for them to do outstanding work consistently
  • Equipping them with the knowledge and skills to work effectively, satisfy your prospects/clients and achieve quota

A study by the Bridge Group showed that average turnover in SaaS sales teams is 34%. The cost of replacing a sales employee can be upto 30-50% of their annual compensation.

Sales Quarterbacks helps mitigate your risk, and provide an outstanding, highly customized onboarding process to your inside sales, field sales, sales engineers and managers.

What makes the Sales Quarterbacks approach to Sales Onboarding different?

  • We conduct an extensive survey of your field enablement skill and content gaps
  • First, we interview key members of your marketing, HR, sales leadership and sales teams to survey field enablement gaps, content gaps and skill needs.
  • We then seek to understand the depth of product, methodology, process and tools knowledge of your inside sales, field account executives and sales engineers. We analyze their sales experience through interviews, surveys and even during those informal chats at the cafeteria.
  • We understand your solution domain, clients and buyers.
  • Sales Quarterbacks immerses to deeply understand your domain, solutions, buyer personas and their goals and KPIs.
  • We learn about the key accounts that your sellers are involved with, their experiences during their sales visits and win/loss stories.
  • Imagine a Unique Onboarding Experience for your sales team
  • What if your prospectors were trained on cutting-edge techniques in Social Selling, 3x3 Smart Prospect Research, Working with Gatekeepers, Effective Qualification, Objection Handling and Qualified Appointment Setting?

Sales Quarterbacks Solution
  • What if your field account executives were able to conduct fluent conversations, meetings and presentations with business and technical decision makers? What if they could articulate the business value of your solutions consistently and confidently?
  • What if your sales engineers could deliver outstanding technical demos and architecture whiteboards, explain the technical value of your solutions and own relationships with your technical decision makers?
  • Based on your unique needs, we build and deliver a customized 3-5 day Sales New Hire Bootcamp and 30-60-90 day onboarding program with breakouts for each sales role on your team - Inside Sales Prospector, Field Account Executive, Sales Engineer and Customer Success Manager.

34% of companies have increased the number of B2B decision-makers involved in the buying process.

65% of B2B buyers are visual learners.

B2B buyers fear a drop in personal and professional credibility by adopting a solution that fails. Sellers need to break through to B2B buyers by

  • Building trust throughout the buying journey
  • Appealing to individual learning styles of buyers
  • Sharing profitable insights about unique business challenges using visual tools

How does Sales Quarterbacks Approach Visual Story SellingTM or Whiteboarding for Sales?

What if your field account executives were able to conduct fluent conversations, meetings and presentations with business and technical decision makers?

What if they could articulate the business value of your solutions consistently and confidently?

We go deep to understand first

We immerse to understand your market, solutions, competition, customer case studies and third-party analyst reports.

We build you a custom visual story whiteboard

We partner with product marketing, sales enablement, sales leadership, sales and sales engineering to build a customized visual story

We train your team to deliver the story

Sales Quarterbacks conducts a Visual Story SellingTM symposium to train your sales organization to deliver the visual story selling whiteboard.

Sales Quarterbacks Solution

Visual Story SellingTM Results:

  • Your Field AEs are able to leave their laptops behind and deliver compelling visual stories on a whiteboard to business decision makers
  • Your Sales Engineers are able to deliver consistent technical visual stories to influence technical decision makers in favor of your solutions
  • Your entire sales organization is able to deliver a powerful solutions message to move your buyers from the status quo using cutting-edge visual persuasion.
  • Your clients perceive your sellers as trusted advisors capable of coaching, aligning and delivering value during the buying cycle.

How does Sales Quarterbacks Approach Sales Methodology for Sales?

  • We believe that a sales methodology guides your sellers on the ‘How’ of selling as a skill set. We are experts in the Challenger Sale, Insight Selling and Selling through Curiosity
  • It should include templates and tools to support the execution of selling techniques, to ensure consistency and adoption of sales best practices.

We help you, our client challenge the status quo by:

  • Establish the new selling behaviors required to execute your business strategy, including Coaching to Differentiate your Solutions, Aligning with specific buyer personas and Taking Control throughout the sales cycle.
  • Certify your field-facing personnel on the requisite skills required to Coach, Align & Take Control.
  • Enable your field-facing personnel to consistently convey the timely impact and relevance of your organization’s vision for specific buying centers and buyer personas
  • Improve the ability of your field-facing personnel to grow the overall value of their territories or accounts, by better understanding the unique needs of their clients, through focused listening and profitable insights.

Sales Quarterbacks Solution

An outstanding sales kickoff provides an opportunity for your team to Celebrate, Be Inspired, Bond with teammates and to Learn.

Sales Quarterbacks helps you strategize, design, plan and execute an outstanding sales kickoff for your company. Activities like Awards, Team Building & Training are planned and executed to perfection for your team.

Most importantly, we work with you to create and deliver a series of interactive learning sessions to inspire and educate your field-facing personnel on Strategies and Tactics to grow revenue in their accounts and territories.
Examples of customized learning modules:

  • Viewpoint Selling™ Methodology to Coach Prospects, Align with Decision Makers and Take Control of selling opportunities.
  • Visual Story Selling™ symposium that teaches your team how to articulate your value proposition on a whiteboard instead of powerpoint or keynote
  • How to create and deliver Profitable Insights™ during Buying Cycles.
  • Product and Solution Roadmaps.

Sales Quarterbacks Solution

Self-Paced Interactive Mobile Learning:

How many of us remember our teachers who got us excited and engaged in our classes with their teaching styles? Many of us, right? – Teachers are even our Role Models!!! Our Teachers must have followed some strategies using which they have made the students get interested and involved in the subject.

Through SQB’s strategic approach on Instructional Course Design, it clearly matches the job of an Instructional designer very much like the job of an efficient teacher. This clearly makes the difference between imitation and inspiration.

Our Methodology - it is of utmost importance to own the instructional strategies which could be helpful to develop an efficient and interactive mobile eLearning sales courses as that of interactive environment created by our teachers.

SQB’s Unique approach on constructing Self-Paced Learning Modules:

  • We analyse the content and prepare an outline through our experienced SMEs.
  • We break down the content into smaller, easily manageable pieces, which form a part of the whole for easy understanding with in-depth practical knowledge.
  • We provide Interactive Learning using Visual Story Selling, Info graphs, Animations and appropriate usage of images.
  • Identifies skills and levels expected of your employees
  • Provide roadmaps to build those skills
  • Invitations to unique, limited enablement offerings
  • Advanced Learning through self-phased interactive mobile learning aids.
  • Virtual learning modules with high end Presentations and Webinars
  • Provides vehicle for managers to verify and confirm whether their sellers make active participation

Sales Quarterbacks Solution
  • Guidance to measure and review skills; identify and address skill gaps
  • Access to modules for sellers spread across different geographical locations
  • Facilitator help available through Live Chat mechanisms during the virtual learning session.
  • Online Quizzes, tests with Certification programmes
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